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Dar es Salaam, Thursday, November 21st.2002

Dar Taps run dry again

RESIDENTS in most parts of the city of Dar es salaam have no access to tap water for third -day running. Queues of  people looking for water are everywhere in the city.

Those who are fortunate to have water wells are making a brisk business and wish the situation to last forever.

According to the authorities the reason for the failure to have water in the city is broken -down pumps.

Despite having a Faculty of Engineering at the University of Dar es salaam and a Water Technology Institute Tanzania has never been able to make its own wate pumps so far.

Meanwhile, the privatization process scheduled for next year has raised a lot of questions with some people arguing that the new water company should be owned partly by the residents of the city.

A number of  water supply projects upcountry are being run by residents of the localities themselves or in collaboration with investors or  funding agencies. (Independent sources 21.11.2002)

Nuke  scientists to investigate uranium contraband

The International  Atomic Energy Agency is spending experts to Dar es salaam to investigate whether materials impounded from various suspects recently is indeed uranium.

A number of people have been arrested in connection with carrying minerals suspected of being uranium. Some of the suspects come from neighboring countries. (Majira daily 21.11.2002)



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  • Wananchi  kill 9 bandits in Mwanza (Majira daily 14.11.2002)
  • One die in a illicit brew drinking spree (Majira daily 14.11.2002)
  • 25 prostitutes fined in Dar es salaam (Uhuru daily 14.11.2002)
  • NCCR in a wrangle with Registrar (Mtanzania daily 14.11.2002)
  • DK.Omar's widow given notice (Mtanzania daily 14.11.2002)
  • Thousands of teachers to be employed (Mtanzania daily 14.11.2002)





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    • How Party supremacy is hindering democratization (Majira daily 12.11.2002)
    • This is not honoring but ridiculing Nyerere (Majira daily 12.11.2002)




  • YANGA are the Champs (Spoti Starehe bi-weekly 14.11.2002)




Son pounds father to death

Police in Kilwa district, Southern Tanzania are holding a 33 year old man for killing his own father after a family argument.

He fatally hit the father with a pestle and seriously injured his own mother.

The family had accused him of stealing and selling coconuts from the famiy farm. (Uhuru daily 12.11.2003)

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